Flying Wild Hog


Flying Wild Hog is one of the largest video games studios in Poland. Currently, our studio employs over 200 extremely talented people in Warsaw, Krakow and Rzeszów. Basically all of our employees are veterans of the gamedev industry.

At Flying Wild Hog I am the CEO and the creative director.

History and idea

Flying Wild Hog was founded in April 2009. After a short period of employment at CD Projekt Red studio, I was able to realize dream of creating my own company producing video games. Together with a group of industry veterans, with the support of external investors, we created the Flying Wild Hog.

At Flying Wild Hog, we specialize in creating fast-paced action games. What's unique in our studio is the culture, based on trust and creativity support. We mostly employ experienced game developers which we encourage to experiment. We cooperate only with partners who understand and appreciate the way we work. That's why our studio and our games are unique.

Hard Reset

In September 2011 we released our first game: Hard Reset. It's an FPS shooter set in a cyber-punk setting inspired by old-school shooters from the 90s. In May 2012 we released a free DLC Hard Reset: Exile, and in June 2016 the Hard Reset: Redux was released on PS4 and XBox One. Hard Reset uses our proprietary Road Hog engine and was created by team of around 30 people.

In Hard Reset I was game director as well as gameplay and UI programmer.

Shadow Warrior

Starting in February 2012, a team of about 40 people created the new incarnation of the iconic Shadow Warrior game. Together with Devolver Digital, our publisher, we wanted to rewrite the story of Lo Wang while maintaining the original atmosphere and humour. The new Shadow Warrior was released in September 2013 on the PC, and in October 2014 on the PS4 and XBox One. Like our previous game, Shadow Warrior uses our proprietary Road Hog engine.

In Shadow Warrior I was game director as well as gameplay and UI programmer.

Shadow Warrior 2

In April 2014, a 50-member team began work on our latest production: Shadow Warrior 2. The project was finished by a 75-member team in October 2016 when the game was released on PC. The game was published on PS4 and XBox One in May 2017. In Shadow Warrior 2, we expanded the formula of the classic linear FPP shooter with RPG elements, implementing the idea of ​​a looter-shooter.

In Shadow Warrior 2 I was game director as well as gameplay programmer.