Flying Wild Hog

My most important project is Flying Wild Hog, a polish game development studio. I am a co-founder of the studio, and since the foundation in 2009, I have been the company's CEO. I am also the game director and creative director, currently for Evil West and Shadow Warrior 3, and in the past for Hard Reset, Shadow Warrior, and Shadow Warrior 2 games.

CD Projekt Red

From December 2008 to April 2009, I worked as a tools programmer at CD Projekt Red studio.

Emerge Software

In 2012, together with my three good friends, we founded the Emerge Software company, which was intended to be an incubator for our ideas. Several of them turned into thriving companies.

Emerge Soft is a software house providing solutions, among others, for Swedish telecoms.

Emerge IT Support provides hardware and outsourcing of IT services for business.

Vile Monarch is an indie game development studio we founded with Grzegorz Mazur and Kacper Kwiatkowski. It's located in Poland and currently hires over 70 developers.

Kate4Kids is a company that makes designer dolls. One of the ideas that hasn't had much commercial success, but we're still proud of it.

Scott Tiger S.A.

I worked at Scott Tiger S.A. from June 2002 to December 2009. There I had a unique opportunity to design and implement "from scratch" projects that were to be used for easier and faster production of products for customers. Together with a team of several people I managed, we created Hummingbird and Centipede, two systems that allow us to design interfaces for applications that use our Octopus application server.

I also designed two high-level languages that were used to describe applications at the business layer and the user interface layer. Additionally, I designed and implemented compilers for these languages.

These projects were so exciting and innovative that together with my friend Tomek Plewa we wrote and defended our master thesis related to the systems mentioned above at Warsaw University of Technology.

Other projects

kartabu.com is a portal where the community can create new Taboo cards together. Each user can add new slogans and taboos to existing cards, vote for the best terms, and print cards. I wrote the website from scratch, and it uses PHP, MySql, and JavaScript. I created it in about 15 hours at the end of September 2008.

polimetr.pl is a tool that allows determining the position of political views on the map of right/left and conservatism/liberalism terms. The system is based on surveys. The person filling the survey defines how he perceives his views on the scale of economic and moral beliefs. His answers to thematic questions will be later associated with the chosen political position. Service was written from scratch, uses PHP, MySql and JavaScript. It was created in about 100 hours and was launched in November 2009.

wpinka.pl was a website dedicated to climbing in Warsaw. I built the website based on the Joomla CMS. Most of the components and modules were changed and adapted to implement new functionalities. I created the website in about 200 hours. It has not been updated since 2010 and it's dead now.